Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Homofecitophyta
Class: Metalopsida
Subclass: Metalocidae
Order: Mashinelirales
Suborder: Mutantaineae
Family: Mutanteceae
Subfamily: Hypnoideae
Genus: Hypnotica
Species: Hypnotica aalsmeerii

Hypnotica aalsmeerii - The Tulip Strider Hypnoidea was first sighted in the area of Aalsmeer at an abandoned Greenhouse which was used too cultivate Tulips. For now it appears that this species is a crossbreed of Tulipa and the machines which were in use to nurse, grow and harvest them.
Some of the functions have been kept. Since tulips in modern industrialised production do not come into contact with soil or sunlight, these creatures are designed to fool the tulips into believing they are in the outside world, growing on real soil and photosynthesising from real sunlight. The plants are hypnotised through controlled movements of the head, to which a mirror is attached and through music which mimics the outside world.
These creatures are not static and are able to change location as soon as they have finished breeding. Through constant contact with flowering tulips, pollen deposits for on the legs, but also on the tentacles.