Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Homofecitophyta
Class: Plasticopssida
Subclass: Plasticidae
Order: Plasticarales
Suborder: Bottleineae
Family: Showeraceae
Subfamily: Showeroideae
Genus: Showeregia
Species: Showeregia plasticides

Showeregia plasticidess Bottleoides are inhabiting a lot of packaging around natural products, but also products which seem to be natural on the first sight but are not.
Normally the plastic bottle is constructed from high-density or low density plastic and are typically used to store liquids such as water, soft drinks, motor oil, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, milk, and ink. The size ranges from very small bottles to large containers. Consumer blow molded container often have integral handles or are shaped to facilitate grasping. The Showerecea are a subfamily, which are only found on products which call the Bathroom their home. The temperature and humidity raises in the morning hours and or in the late evening and peeks around 30°C to settle again around 20°C.
Showerecea tolerate squeezing from human hands, being lifted up and down, and sudden changes in light and they are capable of taking up with cleaning agents Limestone and mold are a common surrounding.