Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Homofecitophyta
Class: Plasticopsida
Subclass: Plasticidae
Order: Plasticarales
Suborder: Similarineae
Family: Memeraceae
Subfamily: Memeroideae
Genus: Memos
Species: Memos imitationii

Memos imitationii Memos was first sighted and described in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic.
Memeraceae from the order of Plasticarales are a unique group of plants that mimic plants that mimi plants. People like to surround themselves with plastic objects. Be it disposable products for one-time use, toys, packaging or objects with a decorative function.
Memos question the place in which Fakearaceae are right now, since Plastic plants pollutes the space with toxic substances. This species are materialized out of plastic objects that normally have no decorative use, but by selfassemblage, Memos mimics the structure of fake plants and reveals a strange
aesthetic giving the structure a decorative function.
The newly assembled objects are connected to a system of Chlorella algae. Air is extracted from the environment, pumped through the water infused with chlorella algae and then added to the environment through the plastic objects.
The fake fake plants are not only a copy of the copy, they now also behave like real transpiring plants(photosynthesis).